1-2-1 coaching for single People Pleasing women in thier 40's & 50's who're ready to make the rest of their life the best of their life!

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You're single, this wasn't the plan, but you're here, and you're wondering what's happened to your life.  Seriously!  Where has it gone?

I'm betting you've spent most of your life people pleasing and it's not got you the life you imagined or want yes?  

Are you're sick of people pleasing and tired of living a mediocre life, but your people pleasing has left you feeling trapped and lost?

You're not part of a couple now and you don't know what to do with your new found freedom!  Because you've no idea who you are!  No idea what you enjoy or even what you want your new life to look like!

All you know is that you don't want it to FEEL this way anymore am I right?

And you REALLY DON'T want to start another relationship without knowing who you are, because falling back into a draining one sided people pleasing relationship is not an option is it?

I know how you feel, this was me a few years ago too! 

I invite you to listen to my story

Do you resonate with any or all of this?

If you do and are you serious about designing the life you imagined too...

Listen to what these past clients said about working with me in doing just that

If you want to know more apply for your FREE 30min Discovery Zoom Call and let's talk more
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This program is for you if you want to....

👍 Stop feeling like you’re too high maintenance by asking for what you need to feel good about yourself and your life

👍 Not allow yourself to get fall into a future relationship that doesn't allow you to be a 50/50 partner and contine living your dream life

👍 Let go of feeling responsible for everyone and everything all the time leaving you drained and exhausted

👍 Be able to disagree with people without sounding and feeling confrontational

👍 Know how to set boundaries with people about how they can treat you without sounding or feeling demanding and unreasonable

👍 Recognise and assertively avoid toxic relationships before they take hold and you end up walking on eggshells all the time

👍 Feel free to make choices that are good for you without worrying what people will think, do or say about you.

👍 Look in the mirror and know you're doing everything in your power to make the rest of your life, the best of your life!


What others are saying about I'm The Boss Of Me!

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With the right, coaching, guidance, and transformative tools you can be all of that!

It's exactly why I created "I'm The Boss Of Me!"  It's for smart women just like you!  You’re kind, you're clever, you can do anything you put your mind to – except show yourself love and put yourself first am I right?.  And it breaks my heart that you don't.

So I've combined my skills as a coach and an EFT Practitioner to help you slay your People Pleasing demons and take back control of your life!

How is this sounding so far? Good?

I really do know what you’re going through, I was an People Pleaser for decades and I've turned it around completely.

Things I no longer need or do:

  • Other people's approval, agreement or permission for anything

  • Commit to things I can't afford, because I'd feel left out if I didn't

  • Do things I didn't want to or like just because others want to

  • Be scared of voicing my opinion and disagreeing with people

  • Afraid of people not liking me because of what I say, do or think

  • Acceptance from others for being exactly who I want to be

  • Feeling responsible for 'fixing' other peoples lives and emotions

  • Keep myself small to stop people being jealous and mean to me

Is this something you'd want in your life too?

Well you can, becasue I’m passionate about helping women like you put a stop to your People Pleasing ways.  You too can live a life free of emotional turmoil and no longer feel lost and unimportant.  You don't have to 'make do with mediocre' anymore

I did it, YOU CAN TOO!  Can you imagine howgood this will feel? 

Apply for your FREE 30min Discovery Call to see if we're a good fit

What others are saying after working with me

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I’m 100% committed to helping you to stop People Pleasing so you're not stuck in a life that's no longer filling you with joy (or maybe never has)

Are you to invest and make the rest of your life the best of your life?

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Basic 1-2-1 Program Package

👉 Initial 60min Assessment to discuss what goals you have.  What is it you want to be seeing and feeling differently in your life?  How do you want to be showing up in your world?

👉 60min Zoom sessions every 2 weeks or monthly depending on whether you invest in a 6 or 12 session package. 

👉 Unlimited email support between sessions for either encouragement or guidance.

👉 Your unique Life Action Plan to give you structured guidance to make your dreams for your life a reality.

Do you want more?

Good because you've got more! 
You get these bonuses valued at $1,925 too!

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My online Boundary Course for the duration of our time together.

Comprehensive training on how to get really confident in saying No and setting boundaries

Value $1597!

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100 Ways To Say No PDF

It's hard to know what to say when you're in a position where you want to say no, because you don't always have the words ready to pull out of your head.

You've not had much practice, which is why I give you this to get a head start on saying NO!

Value $79!

Tapping Jouranal Mockup.png

Tapping Into Freedom Journal

The aim of my coaching and healing program is to teach you what I know and empower you to use this knowledge long after our time together has finished. 


This is why I've given you this EFT Tapping Journal.  There are step by step instructions on how to "Tap" when you're on your own, to ensure you're doing it correctly.

Value $49!

Tapping Scripts Mockup.png

10 Done For You EFT Tapping Scripts

When you start out with EFT it can be hard to know the words to use.  Which is why I've written 10 People Pleasing specific scripts for you to practice with. 


Scripts that include, Feeling Guilty, Disappointing Others, Not Feeling Good Enough to name a few

Value $200!

How fantastic is that?
Well, here's the 2 ways we can work together

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VIP Program

✔️ 1 x 60min Assessment call

✔️ 12 x 1-to1 EFT & Coaching sessions on Zoom (2 per month)

✔️ Your unique actionable

Life Plan

✔️ Unlimited email support between sessions


PLUS these bonuses valued at $1,925!!

⭐️FULL Access to BOUNDARIES BOOTCAMP online program

⭐️100 Ways to Say No PDF

⭐️Tapping Into Freedom PDF Journal

⭐️10 Done For Your Tapping Scripts

Your Investment

Save $600 paying up front


6 x US$800 per month

($4,800 total payable)

Standard Program

✔️ 1 x 60min Assessment call

✔️ 6 x 1-to1 EFT & Coaching sessions on Zoom (1 per month)

✔️ Your unique actionable

Life Plan

✔️ Unlimited email support between sessions


PLUS these bonuses valued at $1925!!

⭐️FULL Access to BOUNDARIES BOOTCAMP online program

⭐️100 Ways to Say No PDF

⭐️Tapping Into Freedom PDF Journal

⭐️10 Done For Your Tapping Scripts

Your Investment

Save $600 paying up front


6 x US$500 per month

($3,000 total payable)

People Pleasers Rehab.jpg

Due to the nature of this program I only open the doors for 2 new enrolments between 20th-25th of each month

Hi, I'm Kerry Dunn, your Coach and Certified EFT Practitioner

My coaching career started over 25years ago in the corporate world so I've a lot of experience guiding people to become successful.  It was something I loved doing, but what I didn't love was the environment.  I had to get out!

It was through my own journey of healing from the breakup of my last relationship that I was introduced to Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).   


It was through using this amazing technique that I realised I was a People Pleaser.  I'd not thought about it before, I just considered myself an easy going person.  The hurt and pain I felt, I thought was normal, that everyone felt that way.

I put up with really bad behaviour from both of my long term ex's.  Both serial cheaters who would leave me crying at home because they would prefer to be at the pub with their friends than spend time with me.  I just thought this was what all men were like so there's no point in leaving - better the devil you know eh!  Now I know this was me hiding and making excuses over and over for people treating me like shit!  All because I'd got a deep fear of rejection and abandonment.

Kerry_Dunn_EFT_Practitioner_Sydney1 (4).

It was EFT that made me understand it was MY emotional traumas as a kid that created this belief.  I finally understood my emotions, they were there for a reason, telling me to GET OUT but I couldn't, I was scared. 


I've systematically worked through all this on my own, so I know exactly how you feel, which is why I'm the perfect person to help you overcome your People Pleasing.  I made the mistakes, I took the long way to get to this point, now you don't have to.  You can benefit from my experience.


Now I'm committed to help those who’re ready to take back control of their lives so they can step out of the shadows of fear, shame and guilt and create the life they truly want.​

I'm ready and waiting to:


  • Give you a safe space to explore setting your own boundaries with confidence and strength. 

  • Empower you to feel at ease enforcing these boundaries without the fear of rejection.

  • Help you learn to use your voice to say NO, even if its shaking.

  • Give you the confidence to share your feelings even if the words are stuck in your throat.

  • Help you feel safe, you'll no longer feel in danger of being abandoned, rejected, spurned when disagreeing with people.

  • Learn to speak your truth with kindness, compassion, and acceptance.

If you're ready to take up my offer of holding your hand whilst you heal from your past, and create a new future, then apply for your free 30min Discovery Call today

Please note that due to the nature of 1-to-1 coaching I only have a limited number of spaces on this program

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