A step-by-step program to learn how to create healthy boundaries to free your life of stress and  feeling trapped

Thank you so much for joining the waitlist for this new exciting 6 week boundaries program.

Doors to the program open on 1st Sept.

I'll update you with more details before the end of July

If you've not met me properly yet...


Hi, I'm Kerry Dunn, your Coach and Clincal EFT Practitioner and EX People Pleaser!

My coaching career started over 25years ago in the corporate world so I've a lot of experience guiding people to become successful.  It was something I loved doing, but what I didn't love was the environment.  I had to get out!

It was through my own journey of healing from the breakup of my last relationship that I was introduced to Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT).   


It was through using this amazing technique that I realised I was a People Pleaser.  I'd not thought about it before, I just considered myself an easy going person.  The hurt and pain I felt, I thought was normal, that everyone felt that way.

I put up with really bad behaviour from both of my long term ex's.  Both serial cheaters who would leave me crying at home because they would prefer to be at the pub with their friends than spend time with me.  I just thought this was what all men were like so there's no point in leaving - better the devil you know eh!  Now I know this was me hiding and making excuses over and over for people treating me like shit!  All because I'd got a deep fear of rejection and abandonment.

Kerry_Dunn_EFT_Practitioner_Sydney1 (4).

It was EFT that made me understand it was MY emotional traumas as a kid that created this belief.  I finally understood my emotions, they were there for a reason, telling me to GET OUT but I couldn't, I was scared. 


I've systematically worked through all this on my own, so I know exactly how you feel, which is why I'm the perfect person to help you overcome your People Pleasing.  I made the mistakes, I took the long way to get to this point, now you don't have to.  You can benefit from my experience.


Now I'm committed to help those who’re ready to take back control of their lives so they can step out of the shadows of fear, shame and guilt and create the life they truly want.

I'm ready and waiting to:


  • Give you a safe space to explore setting your own boundaries with confidence and strength. 

  • Empower you to feel at ease enforcing these boundaries without the fear of rejection.

  • Help you learn to use your voice to say NO, even if its shaking.

  • Give you the confidence to share your feelings even if the words are stuck in your throat.

  • Help you feel safe, you'll no longer feel in danger of being abandoned, rejected, spurned when disagreeing with people.

  • Learn to speak your truth with kindness, compassion, and acceptance.

If you're ready to get deeper into your people pleasing and heal from your past then maybe my 12 week coaching and EFT program is more suited to you.

It's called "I'm The Boss Of Me", because, that's what you'll be after 12 weeks... the boss of YOU!!

Please note that due to the nature of 1-to-1 coaching I only have a limited number of spaces on this program