Where you learn to effortlessly create healthy boundaries and how to enforce them with confidence as well as kindness.

Boundaries Bootcamp gives you an easy-to-follow set of guidelines and frameworks so you can do just that - over and over for the rest of your life!

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Let me ask you, do you know what your boundaries are right now?

Could you to explain 3 to me?  I’m guessing it's a no?

So, it makes sense that if you don’t know what they are, you're never going to be able to enforce them with the calmness and confidence you want to.

This isn't your fault, you've never been shown how to set boundaries!  Maybe you've never even been allowed to have any before.


 This'll be especially true if you grew up in a volatile environment, had a a parent who was a people pleaser, or a caregiver that was emotionally unavailable or toxic.

If this was the case you had zero chance of learning this critical life skill. You’ve done an amazing job up until now but it’s time to stop beating yourself up for not doing something that you weren’t shown how to!


It’s not your fault!  You don’t know, what you don’t know!


But you're aware now, so it's your responsibility to yourself to correct it.

This is where BOUNDARIES BOOTCAMP comes to the rescue.

Boundaries Bootcamp is a 6-week online course where you'll learn how to strategically create the boundaries you need.  Ones that’ll guide you safely and securely into living the life you’ve been envisioning for yourself for so long.

The life you can see in your mind’s eye, but feels out of reach right now because you’re being controlled by your emotions AND what others need, want, or even demand of you. 

In Boundaries Bootcamp you’ll not only create your own empowering boundaries you’ll learn how to keep your boundaries steadfast in the face of others resistance, drama, and toxic tantrums. 

You'll be shown my simple 4-step formula for successful lasting boundaries.

I bet you’re wondering this formula for success is??  Let me share it with you.

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The 4 Step Formula

👉 Understanding what is stopping you setting boundaries right now – a deep dive into your fears, doubts and limiting beliefs then how you can overcome these roadblocks to your success.

👉 Identify what your goals are, understand your values and crucially your…BIG WHY.  There must be importance and meaning behind a boundary for it to be successful. 

👉 Create your personal manageable boundaries using a boundaries pyramid framework to make your goals become a reality.  An easy framework you can use over and over in the future.

👉 Learn strategies on how to communicate your boundaries with confidence and kindness.  How to deal with pushback and toxic behaviours to keep your boundaries safe in the face of retaliation.

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Enrolment opens on 1st Sept
We kick off on Monday 6th Sept!

by joining the waitlist doors open to you 48hrs before the rest of the world.

Places are limited.

Boundaries Bootcamp is perfect for you if....

✔️ You’re struggling to make yourself heard by those around you.

✔️ You just can’t say No!  Your whole body has a reaction to it.

✔️ You try to set boundaries, but you cave in at the last minute.


✔️ Your boundaries are being ignored, or maybe you’re faced with anger, ridicule, shame or belittlement when you set them.

✔️ You’re frustrated that other people keep taking advantage of you.

✔️ Feelings of resentment towards others are bubbling away under the surface.

✔️ You feel like you’re trapped in your life, there’s so much you want to do but can’t.

✔️ You love your family, you don’t want to hurt them but you can’t stand up to them either.

I understand all these feelings because I’ve felt them too.  It really wears you down doesn't it?  You feel stuck because you don’t know what you need to do to fix it, so you become frustrated with yourself and resentful towards others.

What if I told you it’s never too late to turn things around.


There's a way out of this life where you always come last.  I did it, which means you can too – with the right support.

You can’t be held responsible for not knowing how to set and enforce healthy boundaries because as a child you weren’t allowed to have them!  You weren’t allowed to say no.  So, when all the other kids were testing and refining theirs you couldn’t!

Boundaries are something that you learn, and it is never too late to start learning this valuable lifesaving skill.

This is why I created Boundaries Bootcamp.  You see I was one of those kids too, I wasn’t allowed to have any boundaries, I wasn’t allowed to say no to anything! 

So, I know what it is like to start learning this stuff later in life, I know what has to be understood, relearned and what actions an adult boundary beginner needs to take to be able to take back control of their life.

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It's so exciting, we start changing lives on
Monday 6th September!

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What's inside Boundaries Bootcamp?

It's a 6-week self-paced online program hosted on a dedicated training platform, so everything is kept organised and in one place for you.  Here's what's included:

⭐️ 6 weekly video lessons.  Broken up into short sessions to make them easy to digest.

⭐️ 6 weekly live zoom calls to discuss the lessons, ask questions and test your new boundaries.

⭐️ 25 laser focused exercise's and journal prompts to support your learning and growth.

⭐️ Daily affirmations emailed to you to keep you inspired and motivated throughout.

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I'm ready to start getting my boundary setting superpowers!

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Not only this but you get 2 Bonus’s too!

BONUS 1 A self-care workbook to help you create an easy manageable and enjoyable self-care routine – you’ll learn why this is vital for a boundary beginner in Boundaries Bootcamp.

BONUS 2 100 ways to say No!  This PDF is packed with examples of how you can say no to someone without being rude or selfish. It’s been written by me, an ex-people pleaser so I promise it’s not confronting.

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I understand the fear you have right now, which is why my 4-step formula is accommodating of this and takes you gently but powerfully through the boundary setting process.

You'll not be taken or expected to go anywhere you are not ready to go.  Remember I'm a Clinical Emotional Freedom Technique Practitioner too... I'm an expert at helping people heal their emotions and traumas from their past.  So, your emotional wellbeing and safety are in safe hands with me.

Let me show you what each week will look like, so you can feel secure in knowing what you'll be reflecting on and learning during our time together. 

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Join the waitlist and to get access to one of the limited spots on this transformational Boundary Setting Course 48hrs beforehand

What does Boundaries Bootcamp cost?

Just $597 AUD up front (save $63)
6 weekly payments of $110 AUD

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If you've not met me properly yet...


Hi, I'm Kerry Dunn, your Boundaries Coach, Clincal EFT Practitioner and EX People Pleaser!

My coaching career started over 25years ago in the corporate world so I've a lot of experience guiding people in becoming very successful. 

However, it was through my own self-healing journey that I realised I was a People Pleaser who had NO boundaries!   I'd not thought about it before, I just considered myself an easy-going person that enjoyed helping others.  The hurt and pain I felt, I thought was normal, that everyone felt that way.

​I put up with bad behaviour from both of my long-term ex's.  Both serial cheaters who I wouldn’t leave.  I'd be left crying at home because they preferred to be out with their friends rather than with me – all the time!  I tried to set boundaries and expectations, but it made no difference, so I gave up and got unhappier with each day.

Now I know I was making excuses over and over for people using me and treating me so very badly!  All because I'd got a deep fear of rejection and abandonment as well as not being able ot handle confrontation either.

Once I started practicing setting boundaries and learning what did and didn’t work, my life changed – dramatically for the better.  Yes, some people are no longer part of my life but the calmness and freedom I feel outweighs their absence.  Now I know that it was  me not setting boundaries that allowed them to bring heaviness and stress into my life.

I now use my skills as a coach, EFT Practitioner and my own personal experience in knowing what does and doesn’t work as an adult boundary beginner to help other people break free of a life where they’re trapped by their own fear and the expectations of others.  AND I LOVE IT!

Kerry_Dunn_EFT_Practitioner_Sydney1 (4).

Do you have any quesitons?


How much time will I need?

It's up to you how much you choose to do. The training videos are short and manageable and available to access each Monday morning. The exercise for that week are also available at this time too. We'll also be meeting on Zoom for 45-60mins on a Saturday morning (AEST)

As an estimate, I'd suggest setting aside about 1-2hrs a week. The idea is to get into the habit of reflecting on your boundaries in general, so you may find some of the 'work' happens organically, whilst you're doing other things. And that's great!

Can I go at my own pace?

You can go slower, not quicker. The 6-week timeframe is purely my suggestion, it's up to you how long you take to listen to each training and to do the exercises. But you can't do the course in less than 6 weeks, this needs to be gradual - plenty of time for reflection and processing is really important.

Do I need a course log in?

Yes, you will be sent this within 24hrs of your payment being received (1st instalment if you choose weekly payments)

Will the weekly zoom calls be recorded?

Yes, you'll get a link to watch the session recordings on a Sunday morning. Access to the recordings will expire 3 weeks after the course finishes. ​

Is the course taught live?

The trainings are all pre-recorded, the group support session on Saturday mornings will be run live by me.

How long will I have access?

You'll have lifetime access to all the trainings and exercises. I want this to be something you can revisit as many times as you need. For example, you could go back to certain parts every time you want to set a new boundary.

What are my payment options?

Payment is in full before the program starts, or as part of a payment plan, the first instalment to be paid before the first session.

In Full – You can use a credit card or PayPal. This is the preferred method.

Instalments – Available for select programs. Payment plan via paypal.

Please note that access to the program will cease if instalments are not kept up to date.

Is there a Facebook group or community for participants?

Not specifically for Boundaries Bootcamp but I do have a private Facebook group called People Pleasers Rehab: Setting Boundaries and Saying No with Confidence that you are welcome to join (if you’re not a member already)

Can I buy this, try it out, and then ask for a refund?

Unfortunately, due to the digital nature of this course - where you can immediately download the exercises and materials - refunds are not available.