Welcome to this Workshop, where you'll learn How to Tap and then use it to lower your anxiety levels - within minutes!..

I know and respect that your time is important so below is a list of timestamps and corresponding topics if you want to save time and skip ahead to the most relevant sections:

[00:05] A little about me.

[06:07] What is Tapping.

[08:40] How Tapping works.

[09:56] What can Tapping be used for.

[12:41] Where the Tapping points are. 

[17:14] The Tapping recipe – creating your set up statement and tapping sequence.

[22:34] Tapping for Anxiety – 3 rounds.

[27:37] Feedback on how Tapping for Anxiety affected attendees.

[30:36] BONUS Volunteer mini-Tapping demo. Worrying about not supporting Son and guilt over death of dog

[59:20] Ways to work with me in stopping People Pleasing.

If you're ready to take Tapping to the next level and use it to making lasting changes to your life so you can
Stop People Pleasing and Start Me Pleasing and create the life of freedom you crave, then I'm here to help you.

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