Do you want to STOP feeling

Selfish or guilty every time you want to say No?

Taken advantage of because you've a kind heart?

Tired and frustrated because you never put yourself first?

Scared of confrontation when you say No?

Disappointed for not standing up for yourself more?

It's hard, you don't want to feel any of these but you're worried if you stop, it'll make you a bad friend, wife, mother, daughter or sister and 

that's not an option. 

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 How about START feeling

Safe, secure and confident everytime you wanted to say No?

Appreciated and valued because you've a kind heart?

Energised and fulfilled because you do put yourself first?

Calm and courageous when your No is challenged?

So proud of yourself.  You're taking back control  of your life?

I promise, you CAN feel all of this, STILL be a good friend, wife, mother, daughter or sister too - It's happened to me! 

What you need is to learn how to set and enforce healthy boundaries in an easy and painless way.

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What are boundaries and why are they important?

Boundaries are beautiful, they are how you show yourself care.
​They allow you to protect your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual health so you can be your best self every day.
​They teach others what's acceptable in how they can treat you.
They tell others what they can, and cannot, expect from you too.

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People Pleasers Rehab: Setting Boundaries and Saying No with Confidence.

It's a safe place to learn how to put yourself first without feeling anxious, selfish, or guilty.

We're a fun loving caring community full people who support and guide each other.  It’s a place where you can vent or offload and we’ll all be there with you, holding your hand.

We tackle a specific topic each week like:

Saying No, Boundaries

Toxic People, Emotional Trauma

Childhood Trauma, Self-care

and much more

I create lots of free giveaways, workbooks, challenges, workshops, and masterclasses too

Come, join us, we can’t wait to meet you!


Every time you say Yes to something you don't want, you're saying No to something you do want!

Hi, I'm Kerry

EFT Practitioner

So good to meet you!  I'm Kerry, an intuitive, straight talking, compassionate trauma trained Clinical EFT Practitioner and Confidence Coach.  I’m here to help you start creating strong boundaries and build your confidence so you can start putting yourself higher up the priority list.  So you can start creating the life YOU want to live.

Maybe you're feeling stuck, you've tried to stand up for yourself, but you always end up back where you started.  It feels too yucky, it's too hard, you don't know what to do.

The good news is you weren’t born a people pleaser, you were made into one over your lifetime, if it was created, that means we can 'uncreate' it too.  You’re not stuck this way, no matter how long you’ve been putting others before yourself.

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