Learn to stop being scared of this 2 letter word that has the power to bring untold peace and freedom into your life

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This course teaches you how to say No and set healthy boundaries without being rude, feeling selfish or guilty when you do so.

It shows you that it is possible to have a healthy balance of putting yourself first AND helping others too.  You don’t have to choose between them or you, that's not how a healthy relationship works - you're supposed do BOTH!

I bet you're thinking it sounds too good to be true, but it isn't.  All this happens when you learn the tricks of assertive language and knowing how to set boundaries in a very specific way. 


I know you're trying really hard right now and you're doing brilliantly but there's a fine art to it and that's exactly what I teach you SAY NO LIKE A BOSS!


You can be using the new skills you learn in this course immediately! 


That's right you'll be seeing the changes in the way your life looks and feels in a matter of days after enrolling in SAY NO LIKE A BOSS!

Setting boundaries for people pleasers isn't a case of “Just saying No more” or “Just stopping doing things for them” because if it was, you're not stupid, you'd be doing it already! 

Your progress so far has taken a lot of effort, I know because it took me a long time to work out how to set boundaries in a way that didn't frighten me or make me feel mean or selfish too.  And I made A LOT of mistakes!

Now I've put all my knowledge along with over 25yrs worth of coaching experience into this course, so you don't have go through any more pain of making mistakes or losing any more time feeling angry, frustrated, and unfulfilled.  

This course will help you to never feel mean or selfish setting boundaries or saying No again!

With an experienced Coach on your side (AKA me!) you can continue the awesome work you've done so far. 

You can relax now and stop with the frustrating trial and error.  Now you can be confident in knowing you are using the right steps that have been proven successful over and over again.

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Be kick ass at saying No and setting boundaries means..

✔️ You don't feel trapped, life now feels like it's full of possibilities.

✔️ You have your own back, you can confidently stick up for yourself.

✔️ You're not getting swallowed up in others people dramas.

✔️ You're not being used, abused, or neglected BY ANYONE anymore.

✔️ You're not scared all the time.  You're creating the outcomes now; you're not being controlled by others.

✔️ Feeling calm, peaceful, fulfilled, and FREE!


✔️ You give yourself permission to go after your dreams and not feeling guilty or selfish in doing so.

✔️ And most importantly, you know your value!  You know what you bring to the table and not being afraid to eat alone if need be. 

When you can confidently say No and set empowering boundaries, you naturally gain an amazing life.

But these are skills you have to learn.

Discover what rich, fulfilling relationships and life feels like when you enrol on SAY NO LIKE A BOSS!