How to deal with people breaking your boundaries

Updated: May 4

It's a hard one isn't it? Especially for People Pleasers, you don't like confrontation, you don’t like rocking the boat, so you let 'bad behaviour' slide for so long that the other person no longer thinks anything of it.

So over time without realising it you've taught them the acceptable way of treating you. Then, when you decide enough is enough and start putting your foot down it can cause ructions!

The indignation surfaces, the childish attacks begin, the blame ensues. Now YOU’RE the unreasonable one.

How dare you tell them they can’t treat/speak to you that way!! Who do you think you are and other childish comebacks such as...

I’ve been through this many times and lost some friends in the process, but you know what, my self-respect and inner calm is more i