Working With Me

The great news is you don’t need to do all the hard work of trying to work out what to do only to keep failing.  I’ve done it for you, I've worked out what works quickly & gently. 


I've the toolkit ready & waiting for you to use in one of the two ways in which you can work with me.

All clients first sign up for the 4 Week New Client Package.  This give us a really great foundation to see how we work together before you commit to further deeper work.

Then you choose either to go down the:


12 Week Coaching Package route or

Pure EFT Package option. 

Learn more about each option below

Initial Assessment, coaching and EFT sessions

Coaching sessions combined with EFT

Pure EFT sessions to help you heal from past trauma

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Working with me will help you to:

Get crystal clear on who it is you really want to be

Create a simple plan to get you to living the life YOU dream of

Build your confidence so you can say no to things that stop you getting there

Not be afraid of other people’s reactions to the new you

Shed the fear of being rejected for wanting to live your own life

Manage other people’s expectations and push backs in a kind compassionate way

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Would like to know more?  Have a chat?

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