(without feeling bad)

One thing I've been hearing from my community, is that setting boundaries would be soooo easy IF everyone were caring, trauma free and considerate but


They can be controlling, manipulative and TOXIC!!  This is why it's so hard



I've heard you and that's exactly what I've done.  I've created this amazing comprehensive guide so you can learn how to deal with those toxic people in your life (and not feel bad about it)


And it's available for you to download and use straightaway!!


No waiting to get enrolled or waiting for the 'doors to open'.


It's yours now, this very instant!

Valued at US$97 but yours for just.. AUD$17!! 

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I can hear you, you're saying, yes, yes, I want to be able to handle people crossing my boundaries but how can
Tackling Toxic People help me?

Let me share with you.  I'm so excited about it!

It’s an incredibly comprehensive 30 page PDF guide packed with everything you need to start tackling the toxic people in your life. 


It’s crammed full of actionable advice and exercises to help you really understand your personal situation and what you should do about it.

It's easy to listen to others (or yourself) saying "Just get rid of them" but is that really the right decision?  Are there other options?

Well, Tackling Toxic People will help you make a considered rounded decision.  One you can feel 100% comfortable with - with no regrets because you've gone through my tried and tested process.

Tackling Toxic People Graphic.png

Tackling Toxic People really helps you take the frustration out of your situation so you can deal with it calmly and objectively.

I’ll be taking you through:

  • A few hard truths, realisations, and acceptances!

  • A 33 question, questionnaire - is this person really toxic or just annoying?

  • Two exercises to help you process and reflect on the results.

  • The 4 steps to dealing with toxic people. Each have mini steps within

  • Reflection exercise to get clear on what to do next.

  • Journal prompts to help you with your consideration of your next steps.

  • Self-esteem building exercise, you’ll feel guilty for taking the step you’ve chosen, this'll help you overcome that guilt now and in the future.

  • A list of 25 relevant affirmations to boost your confidence.

It's full of practical, adaptable steps for you to follow.

Are You Ready To Take Action?

Valued at US$97!

So, who's Tacking Toxic People for?

It’s perfect you if you're a people pleaser who is struggling to enforce your boundaries.

You’ve got people in your life who are unreasonable, controlling and maybe even manipulative. 

They’ve probably told you that you’re being unreasonable and even hysterical when you say no to them.

You’re lost, you don’t know how to put your point across without becoming defensive, angry, or just retreating into your shell.

You’re now getting fed up with all the trial and error, you’re getting no-where fast, just stuck, going around in circles.

Now’s your time,

I’m here offering you the support and guidance you need so you can get unstuck.

Can you relate?
Are you ready to get started?

Here’s why I created Tackling Toxic People:

 I know what it feels like to be a people pleaser living with people who are domineering and have to get their own way.  Causing arguments, intimidating you and shouting you down.

There was no wiggle room to have any freedom to live my life the way I wanted to.

I felt controlled, invisible, and unimportant. 


I was stifled and getting more unhappy and angry as time went on.

I knew they were traumatised and living their life out of fear, but it’s not fair, I didn't want to live in their shadow any longer. 

I wanted my life back. 


I had to learn how to stand up to them without becoming angry, defensive, or unkind because THAT WASN'T ME!

I’ve purposely kept the price super low because I want everyone to have the opportunity to feel the same freedom did back them.

Once you have that, you've the key to opening the door to any future you choose.

I’ve given you a life line, it’s now your choice.


AUD$17 is the price of:

A lunch with your friend

A week of morning coffees

A few drinks at the local bar




Taking one step further to changing your life.

I know, it’s scary, it’s hard but….


Staying in the same life is hard.

Making a change is hard.

Choose your hard.


You can do this.


I’m here with you, I believe in you, I’m on your side!

Kerry xxx

Tacking Toxic People FAQ's

Can I buy this, try it out, and then ask for a refund?

Unfortunately, due to the digital nature of this guide - where you can immediately download all the exercises and materials - refunds are not available.


How long will it take to master Tackling Toxic People?

It is completely self-paced, and you work at your own speed and comfort level, I do encourage you to step outside your comfort zone as that is where the change (magic) happens.  The timescale is your choice.


Who is this NOT suitable for?

If you’re in any danger of any kind be that physically, mentally or any other way by implementing anything in this guide, then please do not use it. Seek outside support of trusted friends, family, or professionals.  Your mental and physical wellbeing are paramount, do not put yourself in harm’s way.