Tapping Scripts

Before you use a script please note:

Tapping scripts great and easy to use, they’re all ready to go, but please know they’re not always the best way to help with your specific situation.


Scripts are a ‘One Size Fits All’ way to calm your feelings, and in almost all cases you’ll get instant relief.  However, you’re not a “One Size Fits All’ person, you’re unique, and complex so they rarely get to the root of YOUR specific problem.  This means, just like weeds in the garden if you leave the roots behind, they come back – so will your issues.  Unfortunately, this leaves you thinking Tapping doesn’t work, or worse ll… that nothing will change for you – you’re stuck.  It’s not true, it’s just the script wasn’t specific enough for you, or you don’t have the experience to follow the trail of subconscious breadcrumbs to the core.

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This is where a trained practitioner like me comes in.  I help you zone into the exact moment in YOUR history where your belief was created that makes you feel or behave how you do today.  We then delete it and ‘install’ a new positive one. 


If you’d prefer to work through your emotions quickly and efficiently and want to work with me, click here to schedule a session or free consultation.


As with all of my scripts, the statements can be changed so they mean more to you, just follow where your mind and body are going.   Continue tapping unti your intensity rating to at least a 1-2.

Happy Tapping!

Click on the script that you'd like to use and away you go!

If you've never tapped before - download the explanation of "How To Tap" first.

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Click the image of the script you want and it will download straight away for you